What is Jiangmen seamless custom garment proofing?

2021-01-18 428

Garment pattern making is to make a pattern of garment planning. Usually it is also called garment pattern, or garment template. Garment planning generally includes creation planning, structure planning and process planning. Now it is also called garment pattern maker.

If you want to plan out a beautiful garment, you need to draw the layout on the drawing, then print and make the plate. First, you need to confirm the style type of the garment, the trend and the collective needs of customers, and then start to prepare the layout of the garment.


According to the needs of customers and the general trend of fashion, the pattern maker starts to draw drawings according to the requirements of fashion style. The length, width and height should be confirmed, and then the planning should be added to the basic model. The general way to change is to make several drawings and cut, so that the new style can be achieved every quarter.

At this time, draw the whole picture on the drawing, recheck the pattern and check the pattern to ensure the integrity and accuracy.

Clothing printing should have a certain technological foundation. Besides manual operation, it also needs computer operation, that is, computer drawing software CAD. Clothing CAD is an auxiliary tool, and the most important thing is the beauty of clothes. Choose the right clothes according to the proportion of your body.

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