Pay attention to all kinds of labels when buying clothes

2021-01-18 488

Pay attention to all kinds of marks on the clothing when choosing clothes:

1. Whether there is trademark and Chinese factory name and address on the product.

2. Whether there is clothing size identification and corresponding specification on the product, the salesperson can select the suitable size and specification for himself.


3. Whether there is a fiber content mark on the product mainly refers to the fiber content mark of the fabric and lining of the garment. The percentage of various fiber content should be clear and correct, and the composition and content of the filler should also be marked for the garment with filler. The fiber content label should be sewn on the appropriate part of the clothing, so that customers can find quality problems in the wearing process, which can be used as the basis for complaints. Clothing shopping.

4. Whether there are graphic symbols and explanations of washing marks on the products, and understand the methods and requirements of washing and maintenance, especially for wearing clothes in summer, it is necessary to verify whether the marks can be washed.

5. Whether the product has the product certificate, the product code, the product quality level and other identification.

Article source: Jiangmen seamless clothing customization

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