How to see the production quality of a garment?

2021-01-18 387

1. Check the stitches

When wearing clothes, poor quality clothes will always have local off-line. Generally, the stitches at the seams of good quality clothes are very close and firm. Gently pull the seam, if the opening is large, the quality of the clothes is not good.

2. Look at the quality level of clothes

General clothing will be divided into three grades, qualified products, first-class products and superior products. The higher the grade, the higher the color fastness and the better the quality of the clothes. However, the requirements of first-class and high-quality products are very high, and they are rarely available in the market. Therefore, seamless clothing manufacturers advocate to buy clothing, grade marking should at least be qualified products.

3. Safety category

According to the "national textile products basic safety skills specification", clothing can be divided into three safety levels: A, B and C. The products for infants and young children under 2 years old should meet the skill requirements of class a products; the clothing that directly touches the skin should meet the skill requirements of class B products; the clothing that does not directly touch the skin should meet the skill requirements of class C products. Therefore, underwear and other close fitting clothing, as well as infant products marked with Class C, advocate not to buy.


4. Investigate the zipper and button opening

Pay attention to the raw materials of zippers. Metal zippers are more durable, while plastic zippers are often broken. Generally, cheap clothes only use plastic zippers. Also pay attention to the height of the zipper. If the height of both ends of the zipper is the same, the quality of the clothes will be better.

The opening of the button is also a big investigation point. The suture of the button should be very tight, not cut at will. This is mainly because in order to make more clothes, some factories tend to ignore the details, and the quality of clothes produced by rush work will be worse.

It's a perfect pair of jeans with holes. If you carefully investigate the buttons of the jeans, you can find that the buttons have been finely stitched. Printed scarves add a touch of exotic to jeans.

5. Open or hold the clothes tightly

Try to hold the garment tightly, then release it after a few seconds. If the fabric becomes wrinkled, it indicates that the garment is not durable. Most of the clothes with good quality can keep the original contour, and you can also pull the elastic part. If it is deformed after releasing, it indicates that the quality is not good.

Article source: seamless garment manufacturers

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